Sunday, September 19, 2004

Its getting colder...

Yesterday i finished: Exiles Return

After a few dissapointing books , i get the feeling that Raymond is returning to his best writing, there is still non of the depth of Magician here, however a welcome return for Tomas & Pug who i consider to be some of his best and well developed characters.

Feist fans will not be dissapointed with the latest instalment , and if your not a Fiest fan, do yourself a favour and read the Magician trilogy.

Also i am supporting the (i designed the website for them), and i believe there cause is a good one, if you have time, please visit and donate.

As the title of this blog suggets , its getting colder, for the first time we have had to put the heating on and stock up with fuel for the winter (we are oil fired).... brrrrr time to buy some logs for the fire i think.