Sunday, September 19, 2004

Its getting colder...

Yesterday i finished: Exiles Return

After a few dissapointing books , i get the feeling that Raymond is returning to his best writing, there is still non of the depth of Magician here, however a welcome return for Tomas & Pug who i consider to be some of his best and well developed characters.

Feist fans will not be dissapointed with the latest instalment , and if your not a Fiest fan, do yourself a favour and read the Magician trilogy.

Also i am supporting the (i designed the website for them), and i believe there cause is a good one, if you have time, please visit and donate.

As the title of this blog suggets , its getting colder, for the first time we have had to put the heating on and stock up with fuel for the winter (we are oil fired).... brrrrr time to buy some logs for the fire i think.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Find my old stuff

If you can be bothered reading my old stuff, then you can have a look at

My archive is here, perhaps one day i will move it over to


I have moved house

I have moved house from midsay to mainly because the mindsay service was not what i expected after the upgrade. Best of luck to them however i think i shall make my home for now.

Its been once of those weeks, two people who i have worked with for the past two years have moved onto new roles and new challanges, i wish them both the best of luck for the future. No doubt i will be seeing them shortly anyway.

Next week brings a new challange as i pick up the role of Chairman for the Microsoft Analysis Services user group in the UK, this event is due to be held at the directors institute on the 24th and while this session is completely booked , we are always looking out for new blood (and speakers) for the next session(s).

I am drooling with anticipation at the release of the new Star Wars DVD box set which i preoreded on , although by all accounts he has played around with the movie again , the benefits of having an official version on DVD far outweigh the small changes, i shall post a review once i have watched it.

Okay i am sad, but i do watch Most Haunted Live , (, this is a very interesting program where some evidence for paranormal activity has been picked up on camera, its worth a look for the open minded amongst you.

Last week i had the pleasure of wathching i-robot, having read the original set of storys by Issac Asimov , i can't help with being i little dissapointed at both the movie and also the inclusion of Will Smith. All in all though taken in isolation not a bad film, just not a great film either.

On the technical front i continue to be impressed with what is coming out of the SQL Server 2005 development program , and every release i recieve looks like a real winner in terms of advancement from 2000 , i believe you can download a beta version now from You owe it to yourself to do this even if you are not a SQL Server person !!!!!!